Saturday & Sunday, December 1 and 2

In Asheville, North Carolina

Playing with Power and Gender Play through Dance

Exploring Shame... Courage... Pleasure... and Liberation...

Conscious Power Play and Gender Exploration

Explore conscious power play and gender through dance. Power dynamics are present all the time, kink is about making power dynamics exquisitely clear, creative, consensual, and passionate. We will deconstruct how being socialized as a woman or a man has shaped our desires and our beliefs about power and safety. 

erotic Courage, vulnerability and playful expression

This workshop invites us to contribute to each others’ erotic courage, vulnerability, and playful expression so we can create more meaningful intimacy. You are free to discover and ask for what you really desire in a compassionate space that does not shame your wants. 

Empowered Yes's and no's

This is an empowering space to say, “no,” strengthen your boundaries and voice them with certainty. We will learn how to create a culture of shame resilience, attune to our own eros and healthy limits, track the nervous system of a partner, distinguish who touch is for, and explore our gender expression.

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Playing with Gender and Power through Dance is in...

    Building Shame Resilience

    "If [someone is] shamed of what they desire... Good luck if you can starta revolution."

    "People Need permission to accept what they actually want. And if they want sex, they need to know that that's ok, that they still belong. And if they don't want it, they need to know that too."

    - Zahava Griss


    Zhava Griss

    Zhava Griss

    Dancer & Kink Educator

    Zahava Griss (Z) has been facilitating dance and sexual empowerment since 1999. Z is based in the Bay Area and tours internationally as an educator, performer, and author. Z is the director of Do Good Things with Power, a 3 month leadership immersion for dance, sexuality, and kink facilitators.
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